Apple Pie Alliance

About the Apple Pie Alliance:

The Apple Pie Alliance was formed by people who seek an end to wasteful government spending — such as taxpayer subsidies for professional sports and corporate welfare. We want a frugal government that makes wise, cost-saving investments to strengthen education, health care, and crime prevention.

We believe healthcare ought to be affordable to every working family, and that business, energy, and agricultural practices need to be environmentally sustainable.   We believe it is reasonable to expect politicians to be honest and honorable, and to represent everyday people instead of special interests who have well-funded lobbyists.

Although many people hold these same ideals and goals, the political debate as covered by the mainstream media all too frequently ignores our values and those who advocate them.

We hold conservative values -- honesty, fairness, respect, stewardship, and frugality.  We have a forward-looking, progressive vision -- investing in people and preventing problems before they start.

We operate under the name Apple Pie Alliance, but are formally organized as the Conservative Progressive Voice to promote these conservative progressive ideals. Linking the words "conservative" and "progressive" may initially seem surprising, but many people share our conservative values and progressive vision.

We know of no one who represents these conservative progressive values better than Minnesota Senator John Marty, and are pleased that he has agreed to serve as the editor of our newsletter.

The Apple Pie Alliance is a 501 (c) (4) non-profit corporation operated for education, advocacy and research.